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Generating economic opportunities through Street Carnivals

Recent urban development approaches have focused less on capital projects, and more on the capacity of arts and culture to support community-led renewal. Municipal leaders have understood the impact that cultural events can have on shaping citizens perceptions of their city as well as improving the confidence of stakeholders in the city’s future. They also rely on cultural events to increase the attractiveness of the city for tourism and potential investors.


Street Carnivals are a good example of cooperation between local authorities, the private sector and local communities aimed at revitalising local economies. This paper discusses two street carnivals: (a). the Mombasa Carnival - a collaboration of the Mombasa Municipal Council and the Coast Tourism Association; and (b) the Koinange Street (or K-Street) Carnival which brings together the Nairobi City Council and local business owners.


The Mombasa Carnival has opened up previously neglected sections of the historical old town making it viable for business. The K-Street Carnival has been instrumental in rebranding Koinange Street previously known more for being a red-light hub for commercial sex workers.



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