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Bola Ahmed Tinubu!!! The Great Political Strategist Of Our Time

Master Political Strategist, Bola Ahmed Tinubu invented and successfully made history with 'Common Sense Revolution' in 2015. I have always argued that the Politician of my generation and obviously a game changer is this man, He started as an underdog and became a force to reckon with.

I replied the toothless bulldogs called afenifere who eversince Tinubu left AD has been nothing.

The US forsaw a revolution like in egypt, tunisia to happen in Nigeria but Asiwaju changed the game by developing a strategy of standing muscle to muscle with the incumbent with common sense, calmed the aggression of the Northerners (Election has not been that peaceful in the north before 2003, 2007, 2011) and channelled it into participating and speaking with their votes and it worked. 


Jagaban has no doubt carved a huge chunk of achievements in Nigeria's history. Some of which are:

- successfully flagged his own poltical party AC, pulled his own followers by showing great leadership abilities.

-Tactically worked with vibrant political parties (CPC/ANPP/part of APGA) to form opposition to unseat the incumbent government, the first in Nigeria's history.

-First time same political party rules the country and Lagos state at the same time.

-The opposition Pulled majority at the National Assemblies (senate and house of reresentatives).

- He has been unrelently protecting the interest of the south west and willing to extend it to other regions if they are ready to share is progressive dream, Okorocha is an example, Benue, Kwara, Kogi are no exception.

-No one government has ruled oyo state twice back to back, but APC has done that.

-Opposition party, APC gallantly won the Presidency and the highly targeted Lagos state at the same time. The first time in the history of Nigeria.

...His achievements are countless

Late Obafemi Awolowo would be smiling in his grave because a man in the person of Bola Tinubu has achieved more than he ever dreamt of during his time.

ASIWAJU BOLA TINUBU, THE LION OF BOURDILLON, JAGABAN, the master strategist of our time in Nigeria! 

PDP go back to your drawing board and bring the best heads next season, this would make Nigeria's democracy work and mature.


I duff my hat for you Asiwaju. And to evergreen Buhari and the winning team bravo. 

Remember we the electorates have the power now..

Long Live Nigeria.


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