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24hours Electricity Supply For Our People 

Lagos State Must Disconnect From The National Grid In 24Months.


“This is the worst place in Nigeria in terms of electricity supply. I bought this building in 2007 as my residence. I started pure water business here in 2009 after losing my job in the bank. I invested all my earnings in acquiring the necessary equipment, certification and generator. Electricity supply has never been good here; we are only hoping that it will improve over the years. But now, I have lost all hope on any improvement. When I started in 2009, I bought 10KVA”



“I was a welder with my shop and house in Bariga. Three apprentices were working with me before I closed my workshop in 2010. I had to close the shop because of debts, I was collecting money from customers to do their jobs, but electricity was not available. I resorted to renting generators to complete the jobs and unfortunately, the money paid by the customers was not enough to cover the cost of generator rental. Many of the jobs remained uncompleted. While owing the generator owner, I owed the customers, my house rent, shop rent and school fees for my children, business was bad. I had to close and send the apprentices away. Before I relocated to Sango, a friend introduced me to okada business which I have been doing since 2011. I go home (Sango) on weekends to see my family and return on Monday to do my okada business during the week. I manage with my brother in his apartment in Bariga during the weekdays.”


“Electricity supply in Nigeria has substantially reduced my earnings. I specialized in male dresses with charges ranging from NGN1, 500 to NGN3, 000 (NGN1 is equivalent to USD0.0062) depending on the type and design a customer want in his cloth. To enhance operations on daily basis, I refill my generator with NGN1, 500 worth of fuel every three days to power one of my electric based sewing machines. Unfortunately, the generator cannot power electric iron to fast track the production and delivery of clothes. In such a situation, I will either take the clothes home to iron, if there is light; use stove powered iron depending on the cloth type, or keeps postponing the delivery date to the customers. Many of the customers did not understand and they take their subsequent jobs to somewhere else while some do show understanding and are ready to wait until I am through with their products. About four years ago, I got average of 20 clothes in a month. Today, I hardly get 10 in a month. I would have love to change my two other manual machines into electric based, but I cannot do that because of poor electricity supply, many of my customers have gone while I keep making unnecessary expenditure on fuel to retain the remaining few.”  Local Economic Development Network of Africa




Congratulation as the Governor elect of Lagos State. Inadequate supply of electricity in Nigeria has been a long and enduring problem causing considerable constraints to the local economy.


BOT agreement

I noticed with keen interests the series of embedded electricity plants built under a BOT agreement with and functioning across Lagos State by the outgoing Government of Babatunde Fashola and I write to outline my suggestions for 24hours electricity supply for our people within the next 24 months.


Notices to Genco and Transco to Disconnect

Immediately, we must give 24 months Notices to Genco and Transco feeding Lagos state to disconnect due to their inabilities to meet the demand of both residential and commercial users in the state.


How do we get new power supply in Lagos?

Lagos is to engage major oil companies like Oando to build new embedded electricity plants on BOT agreements in all the local Government areas of the state.  18months turnaround is needed for the BOT to be operational. Another option is to build the ten 50MV plants on the shoreline of Lagos to facilitate LNG gas to be delivered as fuel to the plants. Areas like Lekki, Badagry and Epe will be suitable.  For a start Lagos will need 1000MV.


Eko and Ikeja Discos will buy

The electricity generated will be sold to both Eko and Ikeja Disco, who will deliver 24hrs electricity to our people. However both Discos must be encourage to invest in new supply infrastructures to carry the proposed new outage. Lagos state can also provide them with soft loan or grant at its might necessary.



My Governor elect, this is as simple and as making a cup of tea in the morning. However you will need to convince Mr President on the special status of Lagos as the economic capital of the Nation and this will also free up Genco capacity for other cities in Nigeria.


Your Government must also work with the Chinese who are the world leader in alternative energy like, coal, wind, solar or thermo plants for our state. The days of Centralization is over in energy supply and Lagos must be at the fore-front of new technology.


I pray you will implement this proposal; I’m not an expert in electricity generation but offer broad solutions. I also pray you will start the new Lagos revolution that you had promised during the election.



Edward Akinlade

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