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Virgin Mary And Jesus Christ Appear On Window Pane

Dozens of faithful pilgrims flocked to a small house, where Virgin Mary and baby Jesus allegedly appeared, in Beregovoy, Lviv region , Ukraine.

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The image of Virgin Mary holding the infant Jesus has recently appeared in a window attracting dozens of belivers to the non-residential two-story house.2C25312D00000578-3229174-image-a-27_1441885133187

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First there were only locals who came to take a glance of the unusual phenomenon but as the news spread more and more people arrived to pray at the window.


Some of them are putting their hands on it, saying that the glass ‘exudes warmth and a calm presence by spreading positive feelings.’

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The coloured stains did not disappear for several days and church elders have finally allowed to take the window to the village church for display.


However, the opinions about the miraculous image have been divided, some say they don’t see anything at all or it’s nothing more than condensation on a window, while others are convinced that it’s a sign from God.


A week ago a Muslim couple were amazed to find a miracle egg with the word Allah written on its shell  in Arabic script. It is a sign and a message to all Muslims to forgive and to have a clean heart. It is a miracle and a blessing,” they said.




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