About Jesus Rabbi Dr Edward Akinlade

A descendant of Lagos. His father came from the Basuwa family of Lagos and mother come from the Ashogbon family of Lagos and her great grandfather is from the Taiwo Olowo royal blood. Indeed a Prince of Lagos.

He is a fellow of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), Associate Member, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN). He obtained his MBA from the London School of Business Studies, in 2010; he attended London School of Accountancy in 1990 where he got his CIMA Qualification.

He obtained National Diploma in Business Administration from Lagos State Polytechnic (College of Science & Technology) in 1983. He attended Western college of Commerce, Lagos, where he obtained his school living Certificate of Education in 1981.

Mr Akinlade is an astute real estate Professional and Property Developer with an emphasis on high End Commercial and Residential Real Estate Developments. He is well experienced in the identification of excellent property locations and development internationally and locally.

He is highly competent in Property Finance and Trading, versatile in the origination, conception, structuring and completion of wide range property developments. He has pioneered the development of cooperative upscale development of luxury terraced housing units in the local Nigerian market and abroad. Worthy of note is his contribution and wealth of experience in emerging hospitality industry with a broad focus on the West African sub-region. He pioneered the arrival of the US Best Western Hotels brand into Lagos Ikeja.

Mr Akinlade possesses excellent Advisory and project implementation Skills. In 2007, Mr Akinlade registered and became the Group Managing Director of Suru Group Limited, a real estate and hospitality company with several subsidiaries covering different sectors of the Nigerian economy to wit; Suru Homes Limited, Suru Worldwide Ventures Nigeria Limited, Suru Express Hotels Limited, Suru Suites and Hotels Limited, Haldane McCall Nigeria Limited.

He is currently the chairman of Prolific Micro-finance bank limited. In 2003-2006, he worked with Lambro Limited, in London, as their Managing Director. From 1999-2003, he worked with Best Value Associates (Seconded to Alpah Merchant Bank), London, as the Head of Treasury. In 1993-1999, he worked with South East Business Services as an Accountant. Mr Akinlade has sat on the board of different companies where his board leadership has made a remarkable difference.

Edward Akinlade is apolitical and working to make an impact in the lives of our people through affordable housing and affordable hotels.

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